Friday, August 26, 2011

IUCN Species of the Day: Aquatic Tenrec

Alert - endangered and extinct animals

20 endangered Siamese crocodiles hatch in Laos
The Associated Press
... rehabilitation of a species that was declared extinct in the wild in 1992. Since then, tiny populations have been discovered in remote corners of its range, which used to include most of Southeast Asia. Still, the crocs remain critically endangered ...
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New Monkey and American Bird Species Found
Discovery News
A bunch of animals already on the endangered species list were also found in the monkey's same region. They include the giant anteater, giant armadillo, giant otter, jaguar and ocelot. "This incredibly exciting discovery shows just how much we still ...
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Exit a tortoise
Irish Times
The Red List of Threatened Species prepared by the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists thousands of species that have become extinct in the wild, are endangered or critically endangered and are now vulnerable because of ongoing threats ...
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Protection of 2000 miles of river proposed to save Willow Flycatcher
Payson Roundup
The rules of the Endangered Species Act make it possible for ranchers, water managers and others to enter into special conservation agreements that give them greater flexibility. Typically, agencies like the Salt River Project would provide improved ...
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London venue for extinct birds exhibition
Bird Watch
The natural rate of bird extinction is just one bird per century but in the last 30 years alone, 21 species have disappeared. At present, 189 are classified Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List, and without immediate action many of these will not ...
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Rhino Horns Put Europe's Museums on Thieves' Must-Visit List
New York Times
The problem was a major focus of the recent meeting in Geneva of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, whose members agreed to share information and coordinate antipoaching efforts. Rhino experts take great pains to rebut the ...
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New York Times
Sea Turtle Race (Yawn!) Will Last Three Months
The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer
'The Hawksbill Turtle is critically endangered, and if people continue to pouch them or catch them at the rate they are doing right now the species can become extinct in very short order," Mr. Pemberton said. He added that turtles take up to 25 years ...
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The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer
Concerns raised over Tarboo Creek salmon
Kitsap Sun
Pavel, the Skokomish manager, said beach seines are used in that area so chinook and summer chum — both listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act — can be released when caught. But coho are not listed, and fall chum are the "bread and ...
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Nigeria's suspension on wildlife trading lifted
By johnabayomi
The statement read: "CITES is an international agreement that took effect in 1975 to prevent species from becoming endangered or extinct because of international trade. "Under the treaty, countries work together to ensure that international ...
Vanguard News

Endangered Species
... natural habitats. Zoos are dedicated to the preservation of all endangered species. ... Primary Reasons Wildlife Becomes Threatened, Endangered, or Extinct: ...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Endangered and extinct animals alerts August 26 2011

Report: Tea Party's Favorite Snake Needs Government Aid
Mother Jones
As my colleague Kate Sheppard has reported, many tea partiers view the Endangered Species Act as a tool of an overreaching federal government—if not something even more nefarious. In Florida, conservative activists are fighting to roll back manatee ...
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Mother Jones
The looming extinction of Earth's plants and animals
The Week Magazine
That's the finding of a new scientific report, whose authors also warn that we may be causing animals and plants to go extinct faster than we can count them. Here, a brief guide: What don't we know about life on Earth? Plenty. ...
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Nature: climate change leads to 67-84 percent intraspecific biodiversity loss ...
Bits Of Science
But, as the researchers have last weekend stated in their Nature Climate Change publication, the genetic diversity within species and subspecies also declines as they are put under strain and many local populations become extinct. ...
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Bits Of Science
Are Rattlesnakes A Threatened Species? (blog)
In Tallahassee, FL, researcher Bruce Means told the AP that the rattlesnakes are a "wildlife treasure" that shouldn't be allowed to go extinct. Mark Sasser, a wildlife coordinator with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in Alabama, ...
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Bangalore: 'Treat Amruthamahal Kaval Lands as Ecologically Sensitive Areas'
... wood logging and poaching of wild life, local encroachments and undue land allotments as well as invading species. 'All these factors led to pushing the rare and endangered cattle and bio-diversity to the extinct," the report said. ...
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Groups: Make rattlers threatened speciesEndangered and Drained ...
By Tom Palmer
The threatened designation is designed to keep a species from becoming endangered. Species classified as endangered are in danger of becoming extinct. The arguments in the petition for listing are compelling. ...
Endangered and Drained in Polk
It's Been Put On the Endangered Species List - Rage Comics
By Cheezburger Network
rage comics - It's Been Put On the Endangered Species List.
Rage Comics

Man vs. Shark: Another Animal-Killing Myth?

Recent shark attacks highlight myths that lead to unnecessary killing.

In a recent series of unfortunate events, two men were tragically killed by sharks while on holiday in the Seychelles Islands. Frantic to prevent resultant dissolution of the area's tourism-based economy, a local fishing community took it upon themselves to remedy the situation by launching a hunt for the animals responsible for the fatal attacks. The state of affairs sheds light on several misconceptions that lead to the unnecessary carnage of imperiled sharks, perpetuates damaging myths surrounding these predators, and misinforms the public on how such situations should be dealt with.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Endangered and Extinct Animals News August 25 2011

Ghosts of Gone Birds: exhibition enlists artists to save endangered species
The Guardian
Other artists include Sir Peter Blake, who has collaged a dodo and listed all the extinct birds in black and endangered ones in red. "It is a great, moving piece - a roll call," said Levy. Ralph Steadman ended up drawing 70 birds, many of which he ...
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Scientists Who Cloned Dolly the Sheep Plan to Clone Endangered Scottish ...
Popular Science
Only about 400 animals remain, according to researchers at the Edinburgh Science Triangle. Researchers believe the cats could be extinct by 2050. The purity of their gene pool is threatened by interbreeding with feral domestic cats, which has sparked ...
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Popular Science
Group wants to protect rattlesnakes
Andalusia Star-News
Wyatt said she'll do anything she needs to do in order to ensure the snakes are not placed on the endangered species list. "If they think the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake is becoming extinct, they can come to my home, and I'll put them on some," she ...
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Andalusia Star-News
Hunter gets $2000 fine, two years' probation for killing Florida panther in ...
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
BY TIM CHITWOOD - The hunter who shot and killed a Florida panther near West Point Lake in 2008 has pleaded guilty to unlawfully taking an endangered species, says the US Fish and Wildlife Service. ...
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